Why You Get Unwanted Items in Your Package Received from eCommerce Websites Like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.?

Most of you or your friends or relatives or in YouTube or WhatsApp videos have experienced that packages are received items like soap, stones etc. while you might have ordered iPhones, Mobile phones or any other precious items for yourself or for someone near and dear. This is very common these days and you will find number of cases every day.

A big question may come to your mind, why is this happening. Is the actual supplier supplying like this or someone doing this in between? To be fair enough, the suppliers supply the actual item which you have ordered. Why I can say this is, when a supplier is approved in any of the eCommerce web portal, there are number of stages of approval and number of documents are demanded by the eCommerce portal to verify their authenticity. Which can prove their actual address, existence of business, their phone number, verifying through telecall by their verifying departments and so many other procedures which includes documents of Government of India to prove they are registered with VAT/GST etc.

So, after this type of lengthy procedure only a supplier is approved to sell their product on any of the eCommerce portal. The process may vary depending upon the portal, but overall this is what type of procedure all of them follow. Alternately this establishes the genuineness of the seller. The seller is a person who have a physical shop/showroom and he runs business. His aim is to provide item and gain profit out of it. Not just cheat.

However, there are seller registered with eCommerce websites whose aim is to cheat. They bypass all these security checks easily as they master all the documents easily or provide fake documents. Because there is a huge drawback of the online verification process. During verification process the verifier is not able to see the the person whom he is verifying. So it becomes easy for those experts to crack this process.

By saying this, I want to make you aware that the item ordered is supplied as shown in the eCommerce portal except few circumstances when item is damaged during transit and sometimes old items also supplied by the supplier. There are instances of such happenings, to be honest that happens. There are cheaters in every field and we cannot abolish them.

By now if you agree with me, you are almost convinced that the item is supplied as ordered. Then how the soaps and rags are found inside the package of an iPhone.

To explain you that, I have carried out a survey to know about it and found out that, when item is supplied by the seller it has to come through some courier. There are atleast 8 to 12 courier hubs through which this parcel has to pass through. Now what happens, there are some mischiefs in this courier department at the lower levels where the courier offices do not send their actual employees to deliver the item, rather they just find anyone and pay small amount to deliver it for them. There happens the real replacement of the actual item with the fake materials.

If I am not wrong, the package contains the details of the item on the address leaflet pasted on the package. This gives enough info to that courier person to find out what is inside the package and he smartly opens the package and takes out the item and puts approximately similar weight items like soap, rags inside the package and repacks it and make it look so that it is as if the original packing. Sometimes it happens with the packing which come as the polybags of eCommerce company name like amazon, flipkart or snapdeal. You may think, from where they will get such branded company polybags and out of the package also fake items comeout. Let me tell you bro, these are just simply packing materials and these companies sell these packing materials to sellers and others. So, it is not a big deal to get these and even the address sheet is torn off during unpacking, it is not difficult to make a new one with the help of computer.

When you unpack get surprised seeing the unexpected item and try to call the courier guy and you will find the phone is switched off or some other reason. But the basic reason is this.

So, next time you order an item, always look for the packaging thoroughly from every side, shake the package, try to look for the address label or any such thing which could establish the tampering with the packet. If you have the smallest doubt, please return the item. Do not receive it. One more thing you can do is, demand for supply through Indian Post. There is rarest chance of this type of happening.

Hope I have clarified some of your doubts about a major issue that is taking place with eCommerce website orders. If you found it useful, please share it with others and social medias.