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White Hat Technique To Make Money From TopBuzz On Auto Pilot Without Doing Anything

Hi Guys, as the title suggests, you are going to know about it once you proceed further with this article. if you have come to this site for the first time, then just visit the previous articles which were about [Review 1.0] TopBuzz: Ultimate Alternate of YouTube to Earn Money from Video Upload and [Review 1.1] TopBuzz: “Most Trusted Money Making Site” From Your Videos, Articles & Images, Beating YouTube If you have already gone through this two articles before then proceed further and you can understand it better.

Many of you have got the eBook from me which have helped them to make decent money with TopBuzz. With my research I have developed a White Hat technique through which you may earn between $700 to $2000 in a month (IT’S AN ASSUMPTION ONLY). However this income is quite feasible and takes some time to reach even more than this projected above. But this earning doses not take effect from the very first month. It needs some time to grow your account and lead you a healthy regular income in future. However, the income is no way guaranteed as TopBuzz has a unique recommendation system and income settings for each individual differently. You are not required to do anything. All the setting will be provided by us starting from the account creation to posting of article. You are not required to do anything. Just relax whole month and withdraw between 2nd to 6th of every month.

Then, question may arise, if like this money can be made, why now am I doing this. Let me tell you, I am already doing this and want to share it with others too. Just to make you believe this, let me share the income proof so that you will believe this.

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PayPal Payment Received
Payment Request Made
Payment Request Made

These are just few examples to make you believe what ever I am telling you is just true and nothing else.

I am drawing more than 2k USD in auto pilot without doing anything on TopBuzz. All my contents get huge views as there are tricks to get it.

If you want to do same, then you got to pay some amount for this. Because I have developed this trick with lot of hard work and want this to share for a small fee. Also, want that only serious people only do take interest in this. If I will provide this free of cost, then this will get less valued in market as FREE has always been pulled down.

What you are going to get?

  • TopBuzz account with all set up including your PayPal/Bank account.
  • Income generation set up (You need not to do any work in TopBuzz)
  • View Booster set up (No software or third party, purely white hat technique)

That’s all you need to make money on TopBuzz.

All you need is to pay a One Time Fee $100 for One Account. Please do not request for discount. Only serious people to pay and enjoy for rest of the life till TopBuzz site exist. However, please note that, there is no fixed amount that can be guaranteed you will be earning through this Autopilot account. It may differ from day to day, month to month.

Pay In USD Pay In Indian Rupee

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24 Thoughts to “White Hat Technique To Make Money From TopBuzz On Auto Pilot Without Doing Anything”

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  2. Kerlom

    Is this trick still working, topbuzz is not giving impressions to videos for the past days. They want self made videos. I ask again what is this trick, and how is it going to work?

    1. This trick is going to work till topbuzz offers the opportunity to earn money to creators.

      1. Dear Priyaranjan Tripathy please can we chat on whatsapp? Here is my Whatsapp contact 08166706721. Thanks

  3. Frank Curtis

    Hello sir I want the trick .
    I emailed on how to make the donation but no reply. Please P.M on

    1. Sorry, we do not work like this. If you want, then you have to pay the amount asked by us.

  4. Aloysius

    What if I don’t have paypal account can I buy it now and add paypal account later?


        Please i need this trick too so please mail me details of how to pay to you, thanks,
        Here is my e-mail:

        1. Please give your paypal email address, I will send you payment link

  5. Jd

    We a very interested, Thanks!

  6. Ayo

    I will like to chat you on WhatsApp @ +2347062722641

  7. Am interested sir. Chatting you now!

  8. Hellen

    I want the trick please I want to make money from topbuzz

    1. follow the instruction given in the article to get it.

  9. Paulbond

    Is there any other form of payment? I don’t have PayPal

  10. mamon jaber

    I’m a top us Creator and truly correct I was making a thousand to $1,200 every month until April they basically roll you in for the first few months and then they totally give you know views even if you have a thousand posts this is how top us works it’s honestly good and bad now they cut their earnings down to less than a penny when I say less than a penny of you one tenth of a penny which basically when you earn$30 that day now it’s $3

    1. There are lot of changes taking place these days. I can count on changes take place every 24 hours. Hard to guess what they are doing.

  11. Am kinda new to this I just hope it won’t be a total waste of time

  12. Nice trick to earn money online. Thank you so much

  13. hello sir ,
    this is best way to earn money online .
    but I have a question .
    which is the butter platform youtube vs topbuzz .

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