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The following accounts have been banned from TopBuzz for frequent violations of TopBuzz TOS. Though this is not official TopBuzz support website, we will try to rectify your doubts anything regarding your TopBuzz accounts. If you have any questions, you can ask us in comment box.

Date: 21 – 12 – 2017

Date: 08 – 12 – 2017

Ailsa Steven(6480268911953576969 ), Alberto Gonzales(6496278508019385354), Watching news(6484585418439263242), David Lawrence(6490703383324787722), Dameonfutrell(6493085656208638986), ABC News(6489821376617120778), DarkSide(6488700651348952074), Bradson Dee(6481192042809525258), Ming Li(6482899900928361482), Anymore Love(6482728232641627145), amazonfirekodiil(6477596371187663882)

Date: 31 – 11 – 2017

D**tfly, H**beer, I**tman, D**tory, L**Fuel, J**irls, T**unny, F**hora, i**anda, 1**3768, l**peng, H**hang, k**6897

Date: 24 – 11 – 2017

P**tics, T**lers, f**eGuy, C**News, F**anks, L**rear, A**eah!, A**News, K**wood, L**icks, M**npai, C**cher, C**ment, S**nyou, L**word

Date: 15 – 11 – 2017

1**7427, 1**0015, 1**8188, 2**5931, 2**7108, m**0424, z**nbei, B**aman, E**Pics, C**usic, D**joke, I**ming, j**lian, h**ng45, M**TIKO, t**kaTV, H**heng, r**1765, s**gou3, K**nLiu, ***6789, S**nLee, G**A, J**usch, F**okes.

Date: 10 – 11 – 2017

M**nica, D**ries, T**rump, T**ings, D**Pics, O**Cool, M**ower, L**Hole, W**ment, B**deas, G**ombs, T**yIFU, H**down, R**emes, b**inis, M**ings, A**ents, D**ents, D**Wars, k**3456, S**rman, a**hing, r**t672, h**tivo, D**Lang, I**mTea, A**Spot, W**meis, W**ing2.

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