TopBuzz Daily Tips

This place is dedicated to share daily updates about TopBuzz. Here I will be sharing facts about what is happening in TopBuzz. This will help you in getting live updates and you can work accordingly to protect your account and boost your earning. You just need to come here daily and look for the update. The update will be marked date wise and the most recent date will be on top.

If you have questions , please use the comment section to ask it and I will try my best to reply to your queries.


10 May 2018


1. Payment delayed for the month of April 2018. Generally their payment was released from 9th of the month. However because of some technical issues this month they are delaying the payment and informed to pay by 14th May.

Here is what they have informed on 10th May 2018.

Dear TopBuzzer, We are currently working to improve payment security. As a result, your payment for this month will be delayed. Please be assured: your payment will not be affected and will be arranged as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Should you have any questions, please contact us via Feedback. TopBuzz Team


07 May 2018


1. The banning of account is on a rail now on TopBuzz. Most of the accounts which have suspicious activity are getting banned. There you may have balance in it or not does not matter. The simple reason for ban is “Copyright Violation”. However you may not have any such violation before banning. But they mention this and ban your account.

2. In some cases they do not answer to your questions pertaining to this ban too in the feedback portal they have.

3. With the ban rally, they  have almost stopped recommendations for majority of the suspicious account. However what is the definition of the suspicious account is not yet defined.

4. One major clarification, if your account is banned all your earnings will be frozen. You need to go to feedback to get the details about it.


05 May 2018


1. Accounts getting banned for reasons like violating TopBuzz rules.

Your account has been banned for voilation of copyright infringement policy.

2. So it’s another scam taking place in TopBuzz. There won’t be any warning in your account and they say they have been receiving severe violation warning. But they will not show you any report of it.

Here is a reply of them which sounds complete fake.

Your account was reported to be severely involved in copyright infringement. Once your account is banned, we cannot re-open it.

But to be true, there have not been any reporting before. Straightway ban. This has happened to many accounts.


21 April 2018


  1. TopBuzz implemented some updates on 19 April 2018 after which the content recommendations have been reduced drastically, so the income too. It has reduced by more than 99%.
  2. After the same change in coding, some accounts are earning revenue @10 times of the views. For example; if you get 1000 views, in general you were earning $1 for that. But after the update, some random users are earning $10 for 1000 views. So, the update have been very good for some and at the same time very bad for most of the creators.
  3. TopBuzz started taking measures to correct the error and it has started showing a little effect from today. But still it is not fully corrected.
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