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[Suggestion] Indian Railway To Make Provision For CCTV In Coaches

When you open TV and switch to NEWS channel, you are shaken by one of the famous news, i.e. some train have been derailed at some place or some coaches have been robbed or some girls have been molested in local trains or pick pocketing or one very popular these days is the TTC taking bribe to allot seat out of turn videos going viral or so many other. That time, you just thank God that you or any of your relative are not one of the victim. But, have you ever thought that the victims are one of the guy who belong to one of the family who lives in India and it can be you at some point of time because there is no secured system in our railways which can guarantee that if there are misshapen going to take place, we are there to take care of it. just by suspending some officers after the tragedy is not the solution. Rather it adds fuel to it. This is not because of slackness of the  people who are working, but the eye who is keeping any eye on them to check if they are working properly or not.

Today I am going to explain a particular method following which such man made incidents, accidents or corruption may be controlled and avoided upto a maximum extent.

You will find one common machine installed these days in every office, restaurants, banks, malls, roads, houses, hotels, colleges, schools almost all public places that is CCTV. If you do not agree with me, then search something like “CCTV Footage” in YouTube and you will find shocking videos which took place in places which could not have been known by people how that took place.

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Now, I am pushing this topic and emphasizing on the title of this review to Ministry of Railway, Govt of India to make provision for installation of CCTVs in each coaches 2 each and have the control center one local at each nearby station where the train passes through and one central. Saying this, I am going to explain how this is going to let the Govt of India and directly the Citizen of India benefited from this venture.

If CCTVs are installed on railway coaches, each and every activity taking place in coaches can be monitored live. The cases of robbing, molestation, bribing and other things like hygiene of compartments, hygiene of  pantry cars etc can be monitored live and corrective measures can be taken instantly. Upto some extents accidents can also be avoided. because the LOCO PILOT alone can not see all the side at a time let it be day time or night. If there can be more eyes added through CCTV and sensors, the cracks or any other damage in the railway tracks can be monitored instantly and the accidents can be avoided.

When you see such news, you might be blaming the Govt, Ministry of Railway and so on. But we never thought of a solution by which this can be stopped. May be this idea of CCTV can not stop all the things which I have mentioned, but if it saves one life, it is worth installing. Hope you agree with me on this note.

I am fully aware that, this will bear a huge expenditure and the citizen of India have bear it. I believe if this step can save a life of my family, I am ready to bear this expenditure. The Govt is behind Black Money since couple of years and not a single Black Money is back yet. The people are not so happy with it. But if this type of projects will be taken by the Indian Govt, I am sure it will help each and every citizen.

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However, The Estimate Expenditure On This Project

1 CCTV approx cost ₹ 5000.00

In an average a total of 60 CCTVs are required for a train= ₹ 300000.00

Installation machine and other consumables etc. may cost ₹ 200000.00

Still it is amounting to only ₹ 550000.00 per train.

I am sure Govt is making more money per train per day than this amount. If one day income of railway can be spared for the safety of life, there can be nothing better than this. What can cost more than life and safety of life. The answer is simply nothing. Life is precious. I am not a good annalist. Just had a noble thought and sharing it. if there is anyone who can through better idea on this issue, most welcome. Please do share your views and let us work towards the safety of our own lives on train.

Jai Hind!!!

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