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Thanks for reading this review on IME-9 supplied with Moringa Plus capsules.

Before I take you to the actual review, let me tell you some background of IME-9 first so that you have a fair idea of this medicine.


IME-9 is claimed to be a researched product of the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (C.C.R.A.S.) which is a government of India organization responsible for the formulation, coordination, development and promotion of research on scientific lines in Ayurveda and Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine. Address of CCRAS is Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, New Delhi – 110058. Find more details about it here

IME-9 is developed after double blind clinical human trial studies on more than 800 patients which is claimed by the marketing agency for IME-9 which is TeleOne ( by DV Group. More details here Therefore, this is a scientifically validated formulation with no side effects which proved to be failed with my case which is claimed by TeleOne Company.

It is claimed that IME-9 is approved by The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) which is a branch of Government of India Ministry of AYUSH (

Also, it is claimed by TeleOne that IME-9 is researched by National Research Development Corporation & marketing responsibilities given by National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) which is a branch of again Government of India Ministry of Science and Technology. Sounds funny that a governmental agency is marketing a product for TeleOne.

TeleOne website displays this on their website “First time in history where all these government bodies work together mere to bring and help people to put curb on diabetes as the numbers of diabetic people in India is increasing so vastly” whereas there is nothing available on record that IME-9 has been approved by any of the department of Government of India. If you look for it online, you will not find a single document in support of this.


The image below shows the composition of IME-9.

Composition of IME-9 Medicine For Diabetes

There is no composition of Moringa Plus mentioned on the packet. However, a paper inside the packed says something about the Moringa Plus capsule which is posted below for you to look at it.

Composition of Moringa Plus

Composition of Moringa Plus


The pack which is delivered to you contains the following items:

  • 3 bottle packs, Each bottle 180 tablets, Total 540 IME-9 tablets
  • Moringa Plus Capsule- 60 capsules for 1 month




3 months only (As suggested by TeleOne on their website)



Statistical Significant Reduction in:

  • Fasting Blood Sugar.
  • Post Prandial Blood Sugar.
    • Exerts Anti-Oxidant Action.
    • Clinical Improvement in Excessive Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue and Urination.
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  • IME-9: Two tablets thrice a day, half an hour before meal.
  • MORINGA PLUS: One capsule twice a day half an hour before meal with Luke warm water.

How to use IMR-9


Moringa Plus is a combination of 9 vital herbs which is in association with IME-9, these tablets not only controls blood sugar level but also takes care of 9 major complications like Retinopathy, Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Coronary heart disease, High B.P., High Cholesterol, Skin infections, Sexual weakness and Strokes.


These tablets regenerate beta cells, stimulate insulin production, decreases insulin resistance, delays intestinal absorption & reduces sugar cravings.

COST ₹ 3000 (INR)

Cost of IME-9 is Rs. 2700


I was at my home on a vacation while I saw the detailed lengthy advertisement on a TV channel in the afternoon during a movie break. The ad continued almost for half an hour which most of you have seen and many people claim that they have been benefited out of this medicine miraculously and now free from diabetes.

What a bullshit. As far as I know, if a person has diabetes for a long time, there is no medicine which can cure it 100%, the medicine only can keep the sugar level controlled to live a normal life. But in this case, it promises to cure it 100%. I should have understood it at that time only. But the love for my mother and the sufferings she has been following for last 20 years led me to give IME-9 a try and if by the grace of God, it worked, then there will be nothing better than this. I believe this happened with you too. Because that time the mere 3000 rupees does not look big.

So, I immediately made a call in the evening and enquired about it which I noted from the TV commercial. A lady picked up the phone and explained me everything and noted down my address and said, by tomorrow your medicine will be delivered. Please keep 3000 rupees ready and hand over the money to the person who comes to deliver you the medicine.

Surprisingly exactly by next afternoon 2 guys come in a bike and hand over me the medicine and took 3000 rupees. The medicine was packed in a polythene and there was no bill pasted on it. I just thought that the bill will be inside the pack. Because of curiosity, I did not ask the guys about it too as the most awaited medicine has reached to me so fast and there was no end to my happiness that my mother will get rid of long diabetes.


When I opened the packet, I did not find any bill inside it. It was little surprising for me at that point of time. However, I found these papers whose images are posted below. I started reading those. By the time I completed reading all of them, I thought that I have been cheated because as it was claimed to be a product of AYUSH approved, but there was no proof of it. Because it is claimed to be a Government of India approved medicine and there is no proof of it.

So, I made a call to the number to whom I called yesterday. They again explained me everything and how to take the medicine. When I asked about the bill and all other things the answer was quiet confusing and they pretend to be so like it has been mistakenly delivered without these important documents.

Some important points you must know here:

  • The MRP of medicine printed on packet was ₹ 2700 where as they charged me ₹ 3000 (₹ 300 extra).
  • There was no bill provided for medicine.
  • There was no proof of Government of India approval document inside the packet.
  • There was no doctor at other end from company side to explain the usage procedure. They all were tele callers who are used to handle sales call.

However, my mother continued to take that medicine as advised from next day. But before taking that medicine, I took the report of blood sample for both fasting and post fasting to have a record of the performance of the IME-9. The first report is posted below for you to see.

  • Fasting Blood glucose 324 mg/dl
  • Post Prandial Blood Glucose 480 mg/dl

Sugar Test Report Before Taking IME-9

After taking this medicine for couple of days around 2 weeks, my mother started saying that her palm is getting senseless which was quite surprising for me to know. So, I went for another sugar c heck and this was the result.

  • Fasting Blood glucose 460 mg/dl
  • Post Prandial Blood Glucose 511 mg/dl

Sugar Test Report After Taking IME-9 For 15 Days

I know the sugar level was high when she started taking IME-9, but it should have reduced after taking for 15 days, rather it increased a lot. At that point of time, I decided not to continue this medicine further and continued the regular English medicines she use to take.

Some points to be noted here about how my mother was taking IME-9 which may be little confusing for some readers here.

  • She was taking 2 IME-9 capsules a time 3 times a day 30 minutes before meal.
  • 1 Moringa Plus capsule 2 times a day.
  • She was not taking any other medicine with this.
  • She was taking enough green vegetables as advised.
  • She was doing regular walks.
  • She was not eating rice, potato, sweets etc. which are generally prohibited for sugar patients.
  • Because of her age, she could not do yoga and other exercises.
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Side effects my mother developed after taking IME-9

  • Palm becoming senseless at sometimes.
  • Burning sensation on calf muscle.
  • Sleeping disorder.
  • Vomiting after meals.

IME-9 Usage Guidelines in English IME-9 Usage Guidelines in English

That’s the review from my side. I narrated all the details which happened with my mother about IME-9. Now it is you to decide whether to take this medicine or not. As a good wished of your, I will suggest not to take any medicine just by seeing the advertisements on either newspaper, magazines or television. We are living in 21st century and we are wise enough to have a basic idea that before taking medicine we must consult a doctor, whether it is English medicine, Homeopathy or Ayurvedic. Just by seeing advertisement if we take medicine, there can be many worst situations than my mother and life could be at risk. So, use your common sense and consult doctor.

To be honest, I have not seen a single doctor prescribing IME-9 for diabetes patient except the TV commercials.

I am not promoting the goods or bads of IME-9. I am just sharing the incident which has happened with me and since it is health related, people should be cautious before using this medicine. I know, the TeleOne company only cares about their business, but the health of people should not be put at risk for the sake of some money. If there are complains about the product the company should think about it and take necessary action about it and respond to people on public forum.

There are people from all over the world are victim of IME-9. You can search on internet about it. But still there is no reply from KUDOS who actually spread this virus and not care about the effect of it. There can be some one or two for whom this medicine has worked, but if the majority is suffering, then this is a failure in the part of KUDOS and they should provide proof of approval as it is claimed by them. Then only people will believe it.

I am done. Now it is your turn to share your feedback about IME-9 and let people aware about this. Do share your feedback if it is good about it or bad. Do not hesitate. Just comment about it.

Thanks for your time to read such long review and thanks for your time. I believe it was worth reading.

Now watch a review made some user.

A Telephonic Call From Stella Fernandes From Mumbai on 08 Oct 2017 at 1405 Hours

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  1. Acharya

    Wonderful review. Very rarely such review are found like this. I have not used IME9 at all. But certainly not going to try it after reading this review. Good job done. 🙂

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  3. girimallappa patil

    please do not try this medicine

  4. vivek mahalle

    case must be filed against ime9 😇

  5. Kailash

    If you Take controlled diet, the medicine does help. Better than gulping Chemicals. one must give patient try to the pills Incorporating life style changes.

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