[Review] I am Krishna, The Master of Mind & Life by Deep Trivedi

‘I am Krishna’ is the first voluminous chronological account of Krishna’s entire life, written with – an autobiographical approach and embellished with Krishna’s thoughts and his psychology. that ‘explains how he evolved with each incident to become great as we know him today. Well-researched and integrated from multiple texts and scriptures, this book also mentions Krishna’s approximate age at various significant points, thereby highlighting what Krishna did, when and why?  This book is authored by Deep Trivedi, pioneer in spiritual psychodynamics, renowned speaker and bestselling author of ‘I am The Mindi He is also a record holder in different national and international record books for Maximum talks on Bhagavad Gita (I68 Hours), Maximum Talks on Tao Te Ching and Maximum Talks on Ashtavakra Gita. Also, he holds the record for Maximum Number of Quotations (around 12038) on subjects such as Soul, Human Life, Psychology, Laws of Nature, Destiny and much more. ‘

I am Krishna! Is there anyone who has not heard of me? No… But do people know who I really am? I ask this question because I am. the only one about whom people still hold contradictory opinions. On one hand, there are some scriptures that state that I am the God of the Gods, on the other, there are scriptures that have relegated me to languishing in hell. While some perceive me as the epitome of love, there are also some who do not hesitate to brazenly call me a legendary eve teaser. There are those who consider me the greatest proponent of non-violence, and at the same time, there are many who blame me for the brutal violence of the Mahabharata war.

Don’t these contradictions about me pique your curiosity to know and understand me? I am asking this question, because on the face of it, I am the most popular personality, yet, I am the only one who nobody knows much about. Many a time, I am amazed by this and wonder why it is so. The stories of my birth and childhood are well-known, as is the fact that I had to struggle a lot in my childhood. But then, when and how did I become the king of a golden city like Dwarka? Everyone knows how deep and intense was my love for Radha. In fact, people addressed me as ‘Radha’s Kishen’. Then why did Krishna and Radha part ways forever? Why does no one want to know and understand all this? Every time there is mention of me, only the beautiful part of my life is discussed, whereas, not only my childhood, but my entire life was spent under the looming shadow of death. But I was Krishna after all; death did not dare approach without my express permission. Then why does no one discuss my great abilities to cope with the struggles? My entire childhood was spent grappling with my impoverished existence. My entire life was spent evading death. All kinds of accusations were leveled against me throughout my life. Draupadi blamed me for the death of her sons, and even Gandhari accused me of being responsible for the death of her sons. As a matter of fact, even my dear wife Satyabhama accused me of stealing the precious Syamantaka Mani from her father Satrajit. My dearest and most beloved brother Balarama not only accused me of stealing the Syamantaka Mani, but also of killing an innocent Shatdhanva. Even life was no exception in showing me all its possible colours. My eldest son Pradyurnan was kidnapped by a demon named Shambhasur as soon as he was born. And by the time he returned, he had already married a demoness, Mayavati, who was much older than him. What more? So many of my sons and grandsons were slain right before my eyes as they fought each other in the tragedy faced by the inhabitants of Dwarka infamously known as the Yadavasthali. That is why I say I maybe the most popular personality, but of what use is that, when you know nothing about me, my personality and my life?

However, no crisis in my life could ever wipe the smile off from my face. I emerged victorious in every struggle that I faced in my life-familial, societal, economic or psychological. That is why, I am known as Iai Shri Krishna. Never did I weep, nor did I ever become despondent, as I was a firm believer of Karma. And I had carved my destiny with my karma alone. I played the flute even as death hovered over my head. Whether it was the Mahabharat or the Yadavasthali, to me, they were nothing but a Raasa that I simply played along.

I was an achiever, and such a legendary achiever, that no one like me has ever been born. I am the only cane in history to reach the highest level of wisdom, concentration, action and devotion. I am the first one to stop the worship of Indra (considered the God of rain) and raise my voice against superstition. I am the first to become a king in spite of not being born as a prince. I am the first one to give women equal status in all walks of life. I am the undisputed master of Psychology, and the Bhagavad Gita I enunciated, is existent proof of this.

I am the first one to establish a link between wisdom and Science. I, am the first one to discuss the laws of the mind, life and Nature. I am the one to have had the privilege of being married to seven princesses in spite of being raised as a cowherd. All these achievements were the outcome of my great deeds. And to tell you the truth, it is this prodigious talent of mine which is the real ‘me’. Whether it is my mind, my life, or the Bhagavad-Gita, there is nothing more precious for a human being than these. You too wish to lead a successful, luxurious life filled with pleasure and comforts like me. Problems and struggles are inevitable in life. They existed in my life, and will always exist in your life too. The only difference is, I had overcome them all and scaled the peak of success, whereas you have conceded defeat in your fight against, the problems and struggles of life. I had carved a destiny for myself with my perseverance and my deeds, and if you want, you too can learn from my life and carve out your own destiny as you desire. And this is the essence of what I had said in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Your life is linked to your deeds. .and you are the creator of your own destiny”. ‘

So delve deeper into my life, my personality and my psychological journey, and gain the ability to carve out your own destiny as per your wish. Because as you continue reading about my life. you will begin to understand the profundity of the mind, the heights one can achieve in life, the truth about destiny along with all the laws of Time and Nature. And once you grasp all this, who can stop you from carving out our own destiny?

I have just one request. Do not belittle my great achievements by linking them to destiny. Do not push me away from you by making me larger-than-life or turning me into a performer of miracles. Instead, discover my true personality and let me reside in your heart.