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[Review 1.1] TopBuzz: “Most Trusted Money Making Site” From Your Videos, Articles & Images, Beating YouTube

Hi Guys, This is my second review on TopBuzz. If you have not gone through the first review, then first go through it here “FIRST REVIEW OF TOPBUZZ” and then you will be able to understand this advanced review better. If you already gone though it then go ahead and I am sure this review will clear many of the doubts you have and can make your day reading this.

I have been a YouTuber for many years, but hardly made any payouts. This has been creepy to me. But one thing YouTube did help me is it connected me to TopBuzz through an invitation from TopBuzz in my YouTube channel message. That changed my everything.

Before I proceed into deep, let me clarify some doubts which some of my readers have asked me in my previous post.

Q. Does TopBuzz Pay or It is not a Scam or Can you post Payment proof etc.?

Let me tell you, I am not an employee of TopBuzz. I am a guy who is making money in TopBuzz. I have joined this site in the month of September 2017 around 20th of the month so could not reach the payout threshold of $100. In October I reached the payment threshold and made $784 in that month and got paid out in November 20th. In November I made $630 and Got paid in December 19th. In December I have so far made $1700 as on today [27 – 12 – 2017] writing this review and will get paid out in January 2018 which is going to be a great New Year to start with. I have withdrawn all these two months payout to my Local bank in India. I have not used PayPal which they suggest. If you still require payment proof then I must say, you are not worth TopBuzzer. You can not marry a girl after spending HoneyMoon night with her. Let’s proceed…

Why I wrote this review is to help you guys to actually make decent money in TopBuzz. Because in last couple of months TopBuzz has become a very high competition ground. So, without knowing the tips and tricks, it is very hard to make money there.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Title: First do not make rush in posting your contents. Before posting any content, find a best suitable title for it. Because it is the title which is going to play a key role. The title should be between 3 to 120 characters including spaces and describe the complete story of the article, video or images. Because they do not provide you space to insert keywords or tags their artificial intelligence does this from the title. So you need to be very very careful while writing a title. Your content may be very good, but if the title is not good enough then you may not get desired result.
  2. Image: Make sure the images you use in your content should be eye cache. By saying this let me make some things clear. the viewers of the TopBuzz are in mobile platform. They use mobile device to view your content. So, your images should be in proper size and format which can be viewed properly in mobile devices.
  3. Video: Make sure you use good quality video. Though the description of the video is optional to write, but it is good if you put a good description of the video. This grows publisher respect towards the dedication of work by the readers.
  4. Views Increase: Many of you keep asking me through comments or sent me direct messages that, how can they boost more views to their content. Let me tell you, the above tricks which I shared will help you do that. There are some other tricks too which I have evolved during the course of my work in TopBuzz which helped me growing month by month. But I can not share them with you all. You need to work on to learn yourself. However, I have started a share on donation. If anyone really serious about this can donate to get those secret tips.

TopBuzz is growing everyday. This year Google Play Store have declared TopBuzz Android App as the most downloaded App of the year. They are doing more and more modifications to their app, monitoring system and a lot. They bring in good competitions frequently where you can earn more rewards in erms of cash, gift vouchers or become premium content creators where you will earn more per view. I am a “Premium Content Creator” presently and I am paid more than normal creators. Since this is not authorised to disclose the rate of rate as per the TOS of TopBuzz but let me tell you, this is very high rate than normal rate.

Let’s Know What TopBuzz Say How To Increase Traffic

Think of a Topic

Step 1: Outline Broad Topics You Want To Cover
Think beyond the one-video hit and consider developing a series of videos that are part of a brand!

Let’s say you are a fitness coach. Here’s a list of possible topics you might look at:
Weight Control/Nutrition/Strength Training/Cardio/Mindset

Step 2: Use our popular categories to test your ideas and give them the best chance of success on TopBuzz.
TopBuzz has videos for everyone. Find your niche based on your brand so you can rally a diehard community of fans.

Here’s a list of our categories and some example posts if you’re a fitness coach:
Funny – Ridiculous Gym and Workout Fails Compilation You Must Watch
Entertainment – Check These Male Stars Out, They Lost a Shocking Amount of Weight
Politics – Fittest American politicians for the year of 2017
Sports- The Science of Speed and Fitness Behind Swimming
Food- Try This Food to Fuel Your Workout
Tech- How You Could Use Fitness Technology to Track Your Workouts and Health in the future
Music and Dance- Dance Fitness Blends Music, Socializing, Movements and Rhythms Together

Make Videos Like a Pro

Selecting Your Equipment
Camera & Mic:It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, but it has to best fit your needs.
Use a webcam for convenience.
Use a smartphone for mobility.
Use a video camera for optimal performance.
Record content that is on your computer monitor.
Consider purchasing a dedicated microphone.
Shooting on mobile
Shooting in natural light can work just as well.

Make sure you’re close to the microphone when you talk to your device.

If you want to do walk and talks, you will either need someone with really steady hands or alternatively, you will need a tripod/camera rig to keep your shot shake free.


  • Transitions – A smooth transition from one clip to the next will help your viewers follow along as your video progresses.
  • Text & Images – Adding words to your clips and photos can be beneficial to give visual impact.
  • Music – Just as in the movies, music can add depth to your projects, engaging viewers emotionally and setting the tone for your videos.

About our algorithm

Here is a picture that explains how our algorithm works:

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Tips for Content

How can you gain clicks and followers on our platform? Here are some tips!

Create Catchy Titles

Writing an article can seem like the hardest part of the project, but sometimes coming up with a catchy title can be just as challenging. On our platform, a good, intriguing title is key to gaining clicks and followers. Here are a few tips.

  • Properly pick your video titles and video descriptions.
    Make sure that your video titles match the content of your videos. Good titles will make sure that your videos can be recommended to relevant users. Just be sure that your video descriptions won’t be too long.
  • Structure
    Try to make your title not too descriptive, and make sure it contains keywords related to your content for our algorithm to catch and recommend. For example, say you are making a video about baking cookies. A poorly-written title might say “ How to bake delicious cookies.” A better one could be “Say goodbye to boring cookies and treat yourself to these!”
  • Some eye catching tricks
    For example, “We will not let this video ever die…”, “I must have watched this 30 times before stopping to wipe my eyes.” It is a good trick to get more user’s desires to click your video, but don’t use it to much, especially if the video does not live up to the hype.

Custom Thumbnails

Create a distinctive brand across all of your videos through custom thumbnails
Besides being simple, clear, and easy to understand, your thumbnails need to be in focus and in good quality (high resolution). A dark image is hard to see, adding in some bright colors may make it pop out. Also, feel free to use text in your thumbnails.

How Your Content Perform

In order to understand how videos contribute to your overall reach and engagement, you can go to Home > Analytics > Overview/Article/Video/GIF
Here are some key performance indicators we want to introduce to you:
Recommend: the number of unique people who saw your content
Read: views that last 5 seconds or longer
Play time: the amount of time in aggregate that your viewers are watching your videos

Build Your Fanbase

Creating Content Consistently
More content mean more search results, which will lead to more fans. Make a schedule and stick to it. Even when it feels like you’re running around in circles, your audience always wants more. Sticking to a schedule will also let audience know when your next video/article will be available. People are more likely to stick to your channel this way, as opposed to someone who posts only once in a while.

Produce Highly Engaging Content (obviously)

How can you raise the bar and provide more value in your content?
Content that works the best is either entertaining or informative, but of course what works even better is if it’s both entertaining and informative. Before you hit the publish button, make sure your content are highly engaging and will be of value to your audience. Also, if you center your content around specific events or hot topics, then give it a context. On top of this, pick an emotion to communicate. Are you trying to motivate? Are you trying to make someone cry? Are you trying to make someone laugh? If your video is entertaining, informative, and it has context and emotion, then you will engage your viewers.

Get Active with Potential Fans

If you have audiences, creator friends, friends or family members on other social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, Youtube. etc) that share the same interest as you, then we will be more than happy to help them to register on TopBuzz and support your content.
The more ‘like’, ‘share’, or ‘comment’ your content get in the first 24 hours, the better the chance that the system will boost the number of recommendations for them. The easiest way for you to start collecting all of these on each on your content is to ask your friends to register and follow you on TopBuzz.

5 Need To Know Tips on Writing a Catchy Title On TopBuzz

Writing an article can seem like the hardest part of the project, but sometimes coming up with a catchy title can be just as challenging. On our platform, a good, intriguing title is key to gaining clicks and followers. Here are a few tips.

1. Using viral keywords or topics in the title will benefit the recommendation status of your articles.

Look for a key quote or phrase in your article. A viral article will use quotations and phrases from source material throughout. Look for quotes or phrases that sum up your article as a whole or highlight a central theme or idea.

For example, “How Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Suit Could Ultimately Put an End to Donald Trump Tweeting & Talking Crazy” or “Restaurant Owner Who Refused to Show NFL Games Gets Hit With Amazing News”.

2. Go for a play on words.

Clever word play can give your title some punch and show that you are willing to be creative. Use an existing phrase and play around with replacing words in the phrase or adding a new spin to the phrase.

For example, an article about missionaries in West Africa during the colonial period could have a title that plays on two key words, such as: “Prophets or profits: The European Colonial Invasion of West Africa”.

3. Using numbers (like how we did for this article).

Between 1-20, 10 and 5 are the most viral numbers used in titles. You can start a headline with a number and you do not need to spell out any numbers.

For example, “10+ Embarrassing Design Mistakes You Won’t Believe Actually Happened”, “If You Have Any Of These 10 VHS Tapes, You Could Be Sitting On A Lot Of Cash” or “Good News For Smokers: 5 Crazy Steps to Clean Your Lungs in just 72 Hours!”.

4. Create a sense of urgency with readers.

Cliffhangers help! Don’t reveal everything in the title, hide key points of your article to give your  readers a reason to click on it.

Adding a little bit of mystery to your title can draw readers in.

For example: “Guess what an amazing four-year-old Russian girl did, unbelievable!”, “How Colin Kaepernick’s Collusion Suit Could Ultimately Put an End to Donald Trump Tweeting & Talking Crazy” or “Even More Bad News For Woman Who Won $188 Million Powerball & Bailed Felon BF Out Of Prison For $20M”.

5. Using action verbs and active voice.

A good title is driven by good action verbs, which are verbs that describe something a person does in a clear and convincing way. Often, simple action verbs are more effective than complex action verbs, for example “use” instead of “utilize” or “show” rather than “demonstrate” or “model”. Avoid using verbs like “think”, “believe” or “feel”, as these are not verbs based on fact or statements.

Dull or generic titles won’t catch the reader’s eye. Just try adding a more descriptive word to the basic title. Popular articles on TopBuzz have these adjective words in their titles: hottest, old, new, hot, wrong, breaking, furious, bizarre, creepy, awful, crazy, horrific, scathing, cringe-worthy, hysterical, amazing, disgusting and embarrassing…

There are also tools available online that can generate essay titles for you based on your topic. However, the effectiveness of these title generators vary and the quality of the titles may not be as high as if you take the time to create your own.

Bonus: How long or short should a good title be?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Focus on keeping the titles under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in search engine results. Statistics shows that headlines between 10-15 words in length got the most twitter shares on average. As for Facebook, headlines with either 12 or 14 words received the most likes.

Example:  “10 Stats That Prove Social Media Isn’t Just for Kids”

Better version: “Think Social Media is Just for Kids? Here are 10 Statistics Guaranteed to Prove You Wrong”






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  1. Whyte

    I will like to donate but what is the guarantee of the trick you want to share with me? On what conditions will it work for me?

    1. We can return you double the donation amount if our trick does not work. You just need to follow our instruction strictly believing in our method for 1 week and you can see the difference. If after 1 week you find that our method failed we will double your amount and refund you. But, we are 100% sure that you can see the result in just 1 to 2 days of working. if you are serious proceed with this and start working.

  2. Tobi

    Excellent work there Priyaranjan Tripathy. I just found out I can’t post YouTube links except they are mine. What do I do please?

    1. TopBuzz strictly follow the TOS and they allow your own content, not content of others posted by you. That is why it is so.

  3. Hi
    Can I still make payment for the trick??

    I would like to have it too.


    1. Yes, Only thing is you have to follow the instruction strictly without applying your thoughts. Then success is guaranteed.

      1. Jerry

        Can I make payment via cryptocurrency?

        Btc or ltc…?

        1. Yes, you can. Here is our Bitcoin address: 3FgCUgSGpbfVQA1L8QtwcfgPPEq5fGvRzW

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    Pls, I need the trick too, but i dont have the donation amount, I,m a student trying to help my self and family. i have only $8 in my account. so i want you to help me.

    1. Just send us a request message at and the support team will answer you.

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    1. I am taking donation to share all the hard work I have done to find tricks. Hope I deserve a donation.

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    How do I get a lot of viewers with its video topbuzz

    1. For tips and trick, we provide it on donations.

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    Hey Priyaranjan, I am from India and I am also interested to know your imp tricks for TopBuzz. But as I am from India, I tried paying through paypal and couldn’t pay because paypal India limitations. I can not pay through Bit coins. Can you provide me a paypal donation link in Indian rupees so that I can pay it properly.

    Let me know thanks. I am providing my email id below. Thanks

    1. I sent you an email about how can you pay me via Online Transfer in India. Just respond to that and everything else will be fine.

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    Hi what’s your donation amount to get the tips and tricks for tb?
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    1. Hi, you have got the PayPal donation button above. Amount for donation is $25. If you want the autopilot earning system, go through the details here

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    I want the tricks but my money is not up to 25 USD so I sent you a mail but no reply. This is my email address,


    1. we can offer what we have offered.

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    want the tricks but my money is not up to 25 USD so I sent you a mail but no reply. This is my email address,


    1. Please see the latest reply posted to your comment.

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    has anyone worked with this indian and earned good cash with his so called tricks??

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