Jan Dhan Yojna Designed To Exploit Poor Citizen

I believe you are well aware of the Indian Govt’s Jan Dhan Yojna through which a total of 83.34 Crore bank accounts were opened as on 20 Sep 2017 in which a total of ₹ 66606.01 Crore balance is being available as on 20 Sep 2017.

The breakdown of the account details with the balance money is here for your further perusal.

Pradhan Mantri Jan – Dhan Yojana
(Beneficiaries as on 20.09.2017)

(All figures in Crore)
Bank Category Total Beneficiaries Beneficiaries at rural/semi-urban centre bank branches Beneficiaries at urban/metro centre bank branches No. of RuPay cards issued to beneficiaries Balance in beneficiary accounts
Public Sector Bank 24.43 13.35 11.09 18.30 52874.07
Regional Rural Bank 4.86 4.12 0.74 3.60 11721.43
Private Banks 0.97 0.59 0.38 0.91 2010.52
Total 30.26 18.06 12.21 22.81 66606.01
Disclaimer: Information is based upon the data as submitted by different banks

It was looking all good till the time last year when our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared demonetization of 1000 & 500 currency notes on 08 Nov 2016. It was like someone just pierced knife into your heart. It was not understood well and each poor man was convinced by PM Modi that this is in their interest and they were also satisfied with the blind belief in the name Modi.

As time passed and the true effect of the demonetization was out after a long time with the report of Reserve Bank of India, the big thinkers of India have started condemning the demonetization and justified that this decision of PM Modi was a decision of a dictator and gone against the interest of India.

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However, the key point in this is the most affected people who opened ZERO balance account in the name of Jan Dhan Yojna before demonetization are being charged by bank now for not maintaining the minimum balance in their account.

Point to be noted, these people opened bank account to receive their daily wage in their account which might be some hundred rupees on which a minimum of 5 to 6 family member are dependent to maintain daily life which included food, medicine, schooling and many other basic needs. It becomes very hard for that person to maintain the minimum balance as per bank rule with that income.

 Now you need to understand the concept behind creating these accounts for years and how the government planned to fill treasury with the blood of poor people of India.

Once the account is created and banks have imposed fine for not maintaining the minimum balance bank started charging all those who are not maintaining minimum balance. Many of them are not aware of these rules are most will be illiterate and not aware of the news too. And not sure how much balance to be maintained too. So, it was a well-planned “LOOT THEORY” implemented by Indian Govt before executing such a robbery on poor people’s house and fill Govt Treasury.

PM Modi should understand this problem immediately and remove the minimum balance concept. If not completely atleast for those who are in BPL category or those whose transactions have not been more than 1 Lac in a financial year. If this is not done, then I am afraid, someone not commit suicide for this reason and then it becomes an eye opener for PM Modi after people lose their lives.

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Wake up PM Modi and all BJP leaders before it becomes TOO LATE.

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