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How To Earn More Than 2K USD & Get More Views In TopBuzz White Hat Trick Leaked

Hello Readers,

Once again I am back with the new method through which you can earn more and more from TopBuzz without doing anything. When I say “Without Doing Anything”, I really mean it. Hope you have gone through the pevious article about the white hat technique. If you have not seen that, then read it here White Hat Technique To Make Money From TopBuzz On Auto Pilot Without Doing Anything

Thanks for coming back after you read the previous article.

Friends, as you know, all these methods  I am sharing is a paid program. Why I charge this is, I am going to get you benefited from the program I am offering has taken a huge amount of time to research about and I kept on experimenting on those methods without caring for money, time and hard work involved in it. Some of those methods fail and some gets succeed. So, I share those successful methods with all for a small money which I deserve to I believe.

The methods which I share is already being used by me to earn good amount of money. If you want to see the result how I earn, you might have seen it in the previous article and every month it is increasing with time.

In this article, I am going to tell you about how can you earn money for the rest of your life (till TopBuzz exist) simply paying a monthly recurring fee. You need not to do anything. You have to share your TopBuzz ID and Password with me. Sit back and do your family work, job, business, play with your kids, go on vacation bla bla bla. I will take care of everything. All you need to do is, just comeback to withdraw your money every month from TopBuzz between 2nd to 6th of the month and then enjoy with your family.

How This Works?

  • You pay a recurring fee of $100 every month through PayPal in advance for every month.
  • After first month payment you are required to provide your TopBuzz User ID and Password so that I can work on your account on your behalf with your consent.
  • I work on your TopBuzz account till the time you pay the recurring fee (in advance).
  • I will get you 5 high viewing contents every day till next 30 days.
  • Anything earned in your account is 100% yours. I don’t claim any money from your income except the recurring fee $100 which is paid every month to me.
  • Cash withdrawal is to be done by you, so that it gets fair enough and you know how much you are drawing.
  • PayPal or Bank Account, you need to set up yourself.

How Much You Can Earn?

Though the below is an example how much you can earn, this is no way guaranteed. But this is projected based on the previous work done by me.

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Day Total Content Count Expected Views USD Earned
1. 5 5000 5.00
2. 10 7500 7.50
3. 15 10000 10.00
4. 20 12500 12.50
5. 25 15000 15.00
6. 30 15000 15.00
7. 35 15000 15.00
8. 40 15000 15.00
9. 45 15000 15.00
10. 50 15000 15.00
11. 55 15000 15.00
12. 60 15000 15.00
13. 65 15000 15.00
14. 70 15000 15.00
15. 75 15000 15.00
16. 80 15000 15.00
17. 85 15000 15.00
18. 90 15000 15.00
19. 95 15000 15.00
20. 100 15000 15.00
21. 105 15000 15.00
22. 110 15000 15.00
23. 115 15000 15.00
24. 120 15000 15.00
25. 125 15000 15.00
26. 130 15000 15.00
27. 135 15000 15.00
28. 140 15000 15.00
29. 145 15000 15.00
30. 150 15000 15.00
Total 150 425000 425.00

Please understand, you are going to earn for each subsequent views for each content after it is posted and it stays in published status in your account. The more content in your account, you are going to earn more and more. This projection can be more after few months as the number of contents will be growing every day. So, it is expected that, your earning will grow every month. Even the first month income can be more than this based on the quality of content published by us.

If you have any doubts please feel free to send us your question.

Please be aware that you have agreed to pay $100 every month through PayPal in advance for every month. Your work will be continued till the subscription period. You can cancel subscription anytime you wish by going to your PayPal account. Once the subscription is paid, no way it will be refunded.

Want to subscribe, please proceed with the below PayPal payment option.

Pay With PayPal

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23 Thoughts to “How To Earn More Than 2K USD & Get More Views In TopBuzz White Hat Trick Leaked”

  1. Jonathan

    Hi, I am interested in this plan. I am ready to pay the subscription fee. By seeing your screenshot I am very excited. I have just made the subscription. now and forwarded my account details. Please give me profit.

    1. Hi, thanks, we have received your details and subscription fee. Your work will start from 10 Mar 2018. We request you continue with us and enjoy the earning. Keep posting your experiences to encourage us to serve you better.

  2. Pravin


    I am interested. Would like to know briefly how are you going to go with this job and would you guarantee any minimum earning numbers?
    What do you need from me other than my account credentials?

    1. I just need your account credentials only after the payment of subscription fee.

      Once received, I will start working from next day.

      I can say, if I’m taking 100 usd from you, definitely I am going to give you back more than this.

      But, to be honest, can not promise anything, since TopBuzz is unpredictable.

      One day you can have zero and next day it can be $100. It goes like this with my stuff.

      You can see my incomes which I have posted.

      I go steady and in long run you can make huge profit from my work.


  3. Pravin

    I want to pay in rupees, and how to contact you?

    1. Please call us on +91-7016512178 or send us your number to contact you.

  4. Pravin

    check your whatsapp

  5. Nicole

    How much is the subscription fee, since I don’t have PayPal an in Nigeria, how do I pay?

    1. Hi, you can try the other payment method here: If you still face problem, please let me know.

  6. I just downloaded the app and signed up. Thanks for sharing this information. its exactly what i learn via: Make Money On TopBuzz .. Thanks For sharing…

  7. Ade

    Is it possible for you to privately send me your paypal id so I can make the subscription for this straightaway?

    1. You can click on the paypal button to process your payment. Thanks

  8. Thank you so much for the guide and tutors. Please I want to pay the $100 using my Payoneer account, how possible is that? I really want your guide me through the process of making cookies money with top buzz, I will respond excited to work with you on this.

    1. Can you make payment using Credit Card?

  9. Vishnu Moorthy

    Here is my income as on 16 Apr 18. Quite happy with the performance of the admin after I subscribed on 21 Mar 2018. Expecting more from your work. I know this is my first month of account creation. Hope it will grow more and more with time. I am going to subscribe you for long time.

  10. Raman

    I am glad to share my income proof after subscribing to this service. Last month got my 1st ever payment which I subscribed on 13 Mar 18 and got paid in April $322 and this month also expecting a huge payment. Thanks to admin. Sorry, I have not shared it so far.

  11. Jonny

    SCAM as if you would give this guy your Password for your account. He will change the payment method out to his paypal account LOL if you do this then your STUPID

    1. Joke of the day. Made my day with your hilarious joke.

  12. I hope this is very real and legit because when I joined the group I found out most of my friends doing Topbuzz making money. However, nobody is ready to reveal to me the secret. Admin help me and I will pay

  13. Aare

    Please I need topbuzz account. I will like to buy if anyone have. Thanks. Contact @08069319380

  14. Jauharee

    Still needs a proof.

  15. Toyo

    Apparently PayPal won’t work in nigeria so please how else can I withdraw or what legit way is there to withdraw through PayPal

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