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HANS™ Innovations Changing Lives of People | Billions in Change | Be The Change You Want To See

HANS PowerPack is a revolutionary product which claims FREE Electricity to the WORLD. This wonderful invention done by the USA based Indian origin Billionaire Manoj Bhargava who is determined to make India free from electricity bill for all. That means, with HANS PowerPack one can forget electricity bill and have access to electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The project has already started and very soon the selling of HANS PowerPack will start spreading all over India.

Basically Billions in Change has four sectors in which they want to make everything FREE and ORGANIC i.e. Energy, Water, Agriculture and Health.


Under the Energy Sector it planned to give power to the people. The inventions made by HANS™ allow people to generate their own electricity without having to pay a bill to the electricity board, or pay for fuel charge or create any pollution.


Electricity is one of the great enablers. It boosts productivity so people can make a living. It facilitates learning and education. It allows people to get on the Internet, which opens up infinite areas of opportunity. Yet nearly half the world lives in the dark, without access to electricity, or might (or might not) get power from the utility for a few hours per day. Without other options, many households resort to using kerosene lamps, which produce dangerous fumes and can cause devastating fires. Others buy cheaply made battery-powered lanterns, which rarely last for more than a couple of months. And although most people have a mobile phone, few have the luxury of just plugging it in when the charge runs low.

The HANS™ inventions allow people to generate their own electricity, store it and use it for simple, yet fundamental, purposes such as lights and communication—all without having to pay a utility bill, buy fuel, or produce harmful pollution.

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  1. HANS™ PowerPack 300
  2. HANS™ PowerPack 150
  3. HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60
  4. HANS™ FREE Electric Bike


Under the Water Sector it planned to solve the water crisis which is a major issue these days because of global warming, water level going down and shortage of drinking water. The RainMaker developed will make any source of water to drinkable and suitable for agriculture and dramatically vanish the water problems. It not only help this also maintain a good healthy life specially in slum areas where a proper drinking water is dream.


More than 50% of hospital beds around the globe are occupied by people who became sick from unsafe water. Unsafe water is an epidemic. Clean water is healthcare and the foundation of wellness. Healthy people can be productive, earn a living, and take care of their families. Healthy children can go to school, are more likely to thrive, and become healthy adults. Clean water is also essential for growing food, as crops can’t survive in soil poisoned by salty or polluted water. Currently, over 660 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, and by 2025, two-thirds of the world will live in water-stressed areas. For billions of people, the ability to produce clean water from polluted wells, rivers, and other sources would be life-changing.


  1. RainMaker for Brackish Water
  2. RainMaker for Grey Water


Everybody these days are hungry for getting organic foods. Reason is the lands are becoming less productive because of which farmers are using more and more pesticides to  grow crops which is indirectly coming to our stomach. This adversely affects our health. Also, after prolonged use of huge pesticides the lands become dead. So, to stop this and have a better food and better health and better soil quality Shivansh Fertilizer has been developed using which the dead soils can once again become fertile and grow organic crops. This will directly enhance the farming capacity of the farmer, yield more crops, increases the financial capacity of the farmer.

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Many of the 2 billion poor farmers around the world fertilize their crops with a nitrogen fertilizer called urea, which was produced originally for industrial agriculture. Urea was introduced to poor small-scale farmers as a way to easily boost productivity, and many farmers abandoned their centuries-old farming traditions for this new promise. Unfortunately, when urea gets into the soil, it upsets the balance of soil microorganisms, which are essential for providing vitamins and minerals to growing plants. Destroying the soil ecosystem in this way creates a chain of negative outcomes:

  1. Crops become more susceptible to disease because their immune systems are compromised—any body that’s weak attracts bugs—which prompts farmers to spend money on pesticides and herbicides;
  2. Crop productivity declines when essential soil nutrients are diminished—which prompts farmers to use more fertilizer;
  3. Crops that are sick or malnourished produce poor-quality seeds that cannot be planted the following season—which means farmers have to buy seed, some of which is GMO;
  4. Crops are less nutritious because the plants are starving for nutrients—which furthers the problem of human malnutrition, especially among children;
  5. Fields require more water because the water-holding capacity of the soil is significantly diminished when microbial life is destroyed—which prompts farmers to increase irrigation, resulting in depleted aquifers, increased run-off, and surface-level water pollution.

Many farmers that put their hope in urea now find themselves inescapably dependent on chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and GMO seeds, the combination of which degrades their soils, poisons their waters, harms their health, and diminishes their incomes. Because of these rising costs, farmers are making a mere 2% profit, which only intensifies their poverty and food insecurity.

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  1. Shivansh Fertilizer


This is the ultimate requirement of all people. All the above details discussed above ultimately land you here. Once you start using these your health is going to be better and your living will be better.


The conventional approach to healthcare is inadequate because it tends to focus on treating people who are already sick. A more effective approach would be to focus on keeping people from getting sick in the first place. That requires an understanding of both the root causes of disease and the fundamental sources of wellness.

When people lack basic needs like clean water, electricity, and nutritious food, the result is poor health. Poor health hinders the ability to work, earn a living, care for a family, get an education, and experience good quality of life. Further, treatment costs for certain health conditions can be financially crushing. When an entire region lacks basic needs, the result is poor healthcare. Poor healthcare means diseases aren’t cured, illnesses aren’t treated, and medical services aren’t effectively performed. The combination of poor health and poor healthcare is lethal. Therefore, ensuring that basic needs are met is one of the most important health initiatives in the world today.

CLEAN WATER IS HEALTH: RainMaker – Preventing Disease, Enabling Wellness

ELECTRICITY ENABLES HEALTHCARE – Free Electric: Empowering Health Clinics

YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FOOD EATS – Shivansh Farming: Supporting Healthy Families

STOP DISEASE BEFORE IT STARTS – Renew ECP: Improving Circulation for Better Health

Billions in Change by Manoj Bhargava bringing a drastic change in the lives of billions of people and you should be ready to accept the change and be a part of it. Be the change you like to see in your life and enjoy the life.

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