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Hans Free Electric Bike™ Features & Specification, Usage, Price & Where To Buy

When you heard of FREE ELECTRICITY is creates more enthu in your mind to know more about it. We have already explained before about PowerPack 300, PowerPack 150 & Solar BriefCase 60. In this edition I am going to explain you about the Hans Free Electric Bike™. A bike that can produce free electricity by way of charging batteries and store electricity which you can use later. Though this is not a new technology as some use to do this earlier. But the difference is now it is capable of producing more electricity in comparison to old version with less effort. let us know in details.

This project was initiated around three years back and the initial prototype failed because of some abnormalities. But the later version got succeeded and designed in such a way that it require less maintenance and can enable a single family to have electricity 24 hours without break.


It’s made out of simple parts of a bicycle, wheels, an alternator, a battery of 12 volt etc. which is very commonly available. The purpose of using these commonly available materials is to keep it maintained even by a village side bicycle mechanic in need in any part of the world. It has one gear.


When pedal is operated, it spins the wheel and the alternator is operated and generator turned on electricity is generated and stored in the battery. This has a twin benefit. if not for fun, it can burn calories of fat people and save them from falling in diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. and simultaneously produce electricity for yourself too. The electricity produced is enough to run 24 bulbs, a fan, a phone or mobile to be charged at any given point of time. Pedaling for one-hour yields a day’s worth of electricity for an average rural household. It’s electricity on demand. There’s no utility bill, no need to buy fuel, no need to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow, and no pollution.

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Since the start up of the Billions in Change, the engineers made some improvements to the Hans Free Electric™ Bike. The large flywheel has been replaced by a smaller flywheel system, reducing the size, weight, and cost of the bike, and improving its efficiency. This enables the poor people to have access in terms of cost as it is the need of those today. Designed keeping the lower class people around the world in terms of cost and post maintenance.


Imagine living without reliable access to electricity. Not only would you have no cell phone, computer or television, but it would also be difficult to light and heat your home or prepare food without burning wood, kerosene or coal. Your home would be smoky and you and your family would suffer from respiratory illness. In the sweltering summer heat, you would have no way to run a fan to cool off. That’s how half the world currently lives. Now imagine the difference electrical power could make for those billions of people.


However, Billions in Change have not yet declared the actual cost of the free electricity generator bike yet, it is assumed that the bike has been designed are of two types. One is targeted for lower class people who can not afford more money and the other one is for people who can afford to pay a higher amount the rich people. accordingly the design, capacity also depends. The model which is designed for the poor people may cost between ₹ 15,000.00 to ₹ 20,000.00 ($250 to $300) where as the other one designed for the rich people may cost between ₹ 75,000.00 to ₹ 1,00,000.00 ($1200 to $1500). However, once the bike is launched the actual cost will be known.

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As explained above, it is yet to be informed, still, whenever it is available it can be bought from “BuyHansElectric.In” website which is the official site to sell Hans Free Electric Products. Also, you can visit our site to know about it when it is available for sale as we will be updating it regularly.


In March 2016, Billions in Change shipped 25 Hans Free Electric™ units to India for pilot testing in rural households, small businesses, health clinics, and schools. In addition to receiving valuable feedback from participants on how to further improve the bike, it was observed how truly life-changing this invention will be. There was overwhelming response from the users.


Billions in Change started with the goal to bring free electrical power to the billions of people worldwide who have little-to-no access to electricity. How? Provide a way for people to generate their own energy, store it, and use it for simple, yet life-changing, applications, such as light, communication, and education. The first solution created by Stage 2 was the HANS™ Free Electric Bike.

However, after multiple field tests showed that the bike needed modifications, as did the battery, Stage 2 went back to the drawing board. Through the process of making these improvements, two completely new inventions emerged. The HANS™ PowerPack (300 & 150) and HANS™ Solar BriefCase quickly leapfrogged the bike in terms of usability, affordability, and scalability.

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The current plan for the HANS™ Free Electric Bike is to produce it on a limited basis for India only.

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