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[Insurance Tips] Real Value of Insurance Comes Through Right Buying | New & Existing Insurers To Know These Tips

Insurance is a very important save and secured investment when it comes to our savings and securing the cost of our life when we are not there for our families so that they are not left for begging on roads. Though the money can not fulfill my absence, but it is going to fulfill some of their daily needs which I had to, in my absence. That’s a huge reason why all should insure, atleast the one who is the bread and butter earner for the family. It may be…

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Jan Dhan Yojna Designed To Exploit Poor Citizen

I believe you are well aware of the Indian Govt’s Jan Dhan Yojna through which a total of 83.34 Crore bank accounts were opened as on 20 Sep 2017 in which a total of ₹ 66606.01 Crore balance is being available as on 20 Sep 2017. The breakdown of the account details with the balance money is here for your further perusal. Pradhan Mantri Jan – Dhan Yojana (Beneficiaries as on 20.09.2017) (All figures in Crore) Bank Category Total Beneficiaries Beneficiaries at rural/semi-urban centre bank branches Beneficiaries at urban/metro centre…

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