To introduce myself, I am Priyaranjan Tripathy a retired fellow who started blogging and writing reviews time to spare and make a hobby. Since I am retired, it gives me immense pleasure to write about things, materials which can actually going to help someone and that makes me proud and interesting work to do. In this process I too learn a lot of things. So, basically it is working two ways; one I learn first and second providing information which I learned to help someone learn about it. That’s amazing.

Since I have time and time and enough time, I am trying to write more and more. Also seeking help from you people to contribute to the cause and if you have some information to share, please do it and help people.

I live a simple life and run a small business and while sitting idle think of writing about stuffs that actually people might be thinking of. Want to contribute to the society and hope I am on the right track. Being from defence background, have lots of love for my country, little more than the normal people because I have spent my younger life there and most crucial period of my life. So, can not forget those time and the organization where I am brought up.

I will be doing this for rest of my life till my brain permits me. Would like to request you all to contribute to this community with your experience and help the need.

That’s all!

Your Lovingly,


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