Android Woman First Look at Tokyo Game Show 2017

The Tokyo Game Show is Japan’s largest annual gaming event. Attendance in 2016 was 271,224. The first two days of the show are only open to industry and media while the final two days are open to the general public. Crowds on the public days are enormous.

Game publishers invest huge resources into their booths. This year will see all the major publishers and console companies in attendance including the likes of Sony, Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, Bandai Namco and Konami. There is also a strong mobile gaming and indie presence. The 2016 event hosted 614 exhibitors from 36 countries.

The main attraction was the android woman. Woman or machine? You won’t know what to believe with this terrifyingly lifelike android. The detail in her face and the movement of her limbs left gamers in Tokyo convinced she was a real woman.

As technology continues to develop, the line between man and machine has become increasingly blurred.

And this stunningly lifelike android woman will have you believing the line has disappeared altogether.

Footage of the robot at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in the Japanese capital has been viewed more than three million times on one social media platform alone.

A number of Japanese-made and international games are on display at the convention, which has been held annually for the last 21 years.

According to the game’s storyline, the humanoid robot is one of the state-of-the-art AP700 models – also called “the most reliable android”.

The plot of “Detroit: Become Human”, set for release in 2018, revolves around android Kara, an android who escapes the factory where she was made.

Social media users have admitted to “falling in love” with the pretty android at the Tokyo Game Show.

The event is also famous for the hundreds of cosplayers and thousands of camera toting fans who turn up on the public days. The cosplayers congregate just outside Hall 9. If you plan to cosplay on the day, the usual practice in Japan is to get changed after you arrive. In reality, most cosplayers ignore this rule.